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Are your people issues making you tired, worried, stressed or exasperated? We are seeing an escalation of everyday hurdles evolving into complex challenges for leaders in 2020. The volatility, uncertainty and complexity of these times is creating significant pressure for business owners and leaders.

What our clients seek out:

Advice and support for managing:

  • Employee behaviour and conduct
  • Team and individual performance
  • Conflict and disputes
  • Team cohesion and engagement
  • Human resourcing advice across the employee lifecycle
  • Injury and illness
  • Mental health, wellbeing and stress

Ideas and strategies for:

  • Business strategy and planning
  • Change management and communication
  • Innovation and creativity
  • Scaling, expansion and downsizing

What is on offer:

  • Confidential one on one support in person, via phone or videoconference
  • Tailored session packages to your needs and budget – from a one off advisory session to scaled support packages
  • Access to a range of highly skilled Workplace Psychologists


At Evexia, we understand keenly the impact these stressors have on individuals and teams, leading to distractions, conflicts, declining morale and lack of focus on business outcomes.

We are here to support you.

We offer people advisory for leaders and business owners to work through complex challenges and support individuals and teams to focus and thrive.

Evexia combine a unique set of skills in Organisational, Forensic and Clinical Psychology to understand the complexities of people and business. With proven outcomes across the Public, Private and Not-For-Profit sectors, we practice in an evidence based and ethical way to ensure leaders and business owners are supported with clear and practical advice and solutions.