About Us

Protecting you, your people, your future

Evexia understands behaviour in workplaces across the employment life cycle, through drivers of engagement, performance and health, risk potential, mitigation and assurance.

What We Do

Evexia combines specialist skills in the areas of organisational, forensic, and clinical psychology to understand, assess and provide interventions for workplace conflict and risk and organisational engagement.  We do this through our outcome driven programs for change transformation, leadership and team development, complex stakeholder engagement, people risk management and safety systems.   Our psychologists are highly cross discipline trained and have extensive experience working as consultants to government, private sector and not-for-profit organisations.

Evexia understands the complexities of both people and the workplace system itself.

Our unique experience in understanding human behaviour, human factors and human resources enables us to respond comprehensively and astutely to workplace issues and opportunities, on both a system and individual level. We support workplaces and executives to improve culture, operational efficiencies, alignment to strategy, and leveraging people’s potential to create high performing teams.

We have provided our unique blend of services in some of the most complex, sensitive situations workplaces can face, whilst protecting reputation and safety to reduce risk of harm.

What We Value

Evexia is driven to deliver exceptional customer service through high quality, ethical, evidence-based practice. Our solutions are tailored and targeted, providing workplaces with professional services that identify and solve complex people risks and engagement challenges, maximising workplace wellbeing and business performance.

How We Work

Evexia delivers its services in a Scientist Practitioner framework, drawing on research evidence and legal advisory to assess problems, design assessment, intervention and evaluation solutions, which deliver and produce clear outcomes for the organisation, team, and individuals.

We bring our intra-disciplinary capability to bear on workplace challenges through applying forensic, human factors and organisational psychological know how, with people in workplaces.  This ensures high value for money, outcome driven, safe, effective, evaluated and impactful  programs of work, for our customer experience.  We take pride in evaluating the impact of our work and seeking customer feedback for continuous improvement. We maintain a high diversity, specialist capability service base across our leadership team, and staff.

Evexia is deeply committed to our brand promise to deliver ‘Leading Engagement and Risk Solutions’ through our services, that are tailored to your business needs to become a trusted Strategic Partner with you.