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Meet Jo Karabitsios, Evexia’s Director and Workplace Psychologist

Jo has over 15 years’ experience, utilising a practical approach to leading people with her knowledge of legislation, Psychology, and complex people risk solutions to build resilient and engaged teams. Jo is known for her warm yet clear approach to consulting, executive coaching and the management of organisational challenges.

We sat down with Jo for a quick Q&A to find out what floats her boat (pun intended).

What inspired you to choose Psychology as a Career?

All of my life, humans have fascinated me. The way the mind works, how we see and respond to the world, working out the how’s and why’s of behaviours and actions. I also found a natual ease in listening to others and seeking to understand at a deeper level, what makes them tick. I started my career working with children and adults in a clinical / counselling capacity but soon realised the power in changing and influencing systems of work. We spend 8+ hours a day at work so it needs to be a safe and engaging place to be. I have the privilege of shaping that experience for people and I am grateful for that.


What do you love about your job?

Everything! Owning a business has provided freedom of thought, action and time. My business partner David and I have worked together for over 12 years and collected a team of pretty cool individuals to work with us.  Combine that with the diversity of providing a range of complex and super interesting psychology services to workplaces and I am a happy girl!


What was your biggest career highlight so far? 

I am grateful to have had many career highlights but working with the Centre For Robotic Vision and their early career researchers across four Universities in Australia has been a definite favourite. I learnt more than I taught and met some of the most brilliant minds in STEM who will influence the future and how we live in the world as we know it.


Tell us one thing you learnt about yourself during COVID?

I’ll tell you two things…. my hubby and I should NOT share an office and I am a better Psychologist than home-schooler for sure.


What does workplace culture mean to you? 

The traditional definition of culture is “the way we do things around here”. But I think it is much more than that. Workplace culture is the system we work in, the work load, the type of work; how well we are resourced practically and emotionally to carry out that work; the team skills, interactions and dynamics; and the leaders influence, communication and strategy.


How do you spend your free time? 

There is not much of it these days with 3 small children (two of them busy twin boys)! But I do love the outdoors: bush walking, fishing (when my brother lets me on his boat!) and trying to grow flowers and veggies at home. I also love to smack a squash ball and catch up with friends who help keep me humble and sane!