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Managing your wellbeing through COVID

Some TIPS for looking after ourselves through COVID.

We hear a lot about our physical health through COVID and for good reason – the critical importance of handwashing, using hand sanitiser, wearing a mask and physical distancing to reduce transmission risks are of utmost importance. It is also critically important to manage our mental health wellbeing through this time. Some ideas that may help:

  • Practice self-compassion – be kind to yourself and at the end of each work day reflect on three things you have done well or achieved no matter how small they may seem.
  • Take breaks outside and away from your screen.
  • Stay socially connected with people even if you have to physically distance – call friends, family and colleagues for a chat.
  • Setting achievable goals each day and boundaries – for eg logging off your computer / emails after work to allow you to focus on relaxation and family time.
  • Do some physical activity such as light exercise, walking or gardening – perhaps even as part of your pre work or lunch time routine.
  • Develop a mindfulness practice – there are many online courses, apps and other resources available to assist you to develop focus and calm through mindfulness.
  • Being attuned to your mental health and seeking assistance such as through your workplaces’ employee assistance counselling services or through your GP who can provide a referral to a psychologist.