Our People

Miles Knickerbocker

As a clinically trained psychologist and organisational development professional with over 15 years’ experience within the realms of behavioural change, organisational performance, development, safety, and leadership; Miles has a strong passion for transforming organisational culture, enhancing performance, and building high performing, proactive teams.  He has spent much of his career exploring and applying strengths based psychological and human factor concepts and methodologies to enhance individual and organisational performance and overcome challenges. He has been responsible for designing, delivering, and reviewing a vast array of projects that ensure clients ignite the powerful performance possible within their collective organisational culture, their teams and within their individuals.

Miles has a particular interest in safety, mental health, wellbeing, coaching and front-line leadership.  In more recent years he has develop a passion for the concept of Psychological Safety, especially at a team level, and how to effectively build and sustain a team environment where individual members feel safe to fail, be vulnerable, think outside the box and fully unlock their creative ingenuity in dealing with the intractable dilemmas and challenges they encounter over the course of their work life.  He empowers leaders, individuals, and teams to take ownership of their safety and performance issues and embed practical behavioural change processes to create and sustain high performance.

Miles brings a genuine enthusiasm to support individuals in their desire to generate positive change in both their professional and personal lives by enhancing their self-awareness, self-efficacy, and clarity of choices.  He has extensive history working across a range of organisations and sectors.