Our People

David Whittingham

I am focused on supporting my clients to help find practical solutions to complex conduct and health risks in the workplace. These risks can affect safety, reputational integrity, performance and wellbeing.

I have built long term trusting relationships advising General Counsel, Deputy Secretaries, Deputy Directors’ General, Chief Human Resource Directors and Directors in the public sector.  I have also developed long term strategic partnering and trusted advisor relationships with General Counsel and General Managers in the resource sector.  I have recently established a footprint in the defence sector with forensic human factors, psycho-social risk and safety, as well as in the tertiary sector for campus and school safety in targeted threat concern situations.

I provide advice on:

  • Workplace transformation where conduct, health and performance risks are impacting strategic goals.
  • Controlled risk solutions to sexual harassment, threatening behaviour and complex mental health employment matters.
  • Resolving sensitive reputational employment situations in complex stakeholder environments.
  • Assessment of human factors, risks and controls for conduct affecting patient safety.
  • Developing strategic and tactical solutions to shift regulatory operations to best practice innovations in psychosocial risk and psychological safety.
  • Devising innovative workplace safety solutions for land access risk in resource development, infrastructure, energy transition and child safety environments.
  • Assessment and risk mitigation safety solutions for objectionable content risk in legal, law enforcement and child safety environments.
  • Design, implementation and monitoring of campus and school safety systems for behavioural threat concern situations.

I provide training in:

  • Forensic human factors controlled risk and safety systems;
  • Psycho-social risk and psychological safety systems;
  • Behavioural threat risk assessment and safety systems;
  • Reasonable management action and approaches in workplace engagement and people risk situations.