Our People

Sophie Blatcher

Sophie Blatcher is Evexia’s Research Officer and Data Analyst. Her role within Evexia is to coordinate and promote research training and share up-to-date empirical research to analyse and evaluate Evexia’s products and services to ensure a consistent high evidence-based standard. Sophie ensures research, training and evaluation aligns with the philosophy, policy, procedures and practices of Evexia so that she can support Evexia’s consultants and deliver project management across Evexia’s projects.

Sophie is a creative, detail-oriented, and resourceful Psychological Science (Honours Class I) graduate with a focused work ethic. She brings a unique blend of ongoing experience and training in the fields of Psychological Science, Research, and Law across Australia. She has experience in project coordination, team management, qualitative and quantitative research, data collection and analysis, client-based assistance, marketing and design, test administration, as well as community legal assistance. Sophie has worked within organisations across the private, public and educational sectors. She currently provides Evexia with comprehensive research support, data collection and analysis, project assistance, quality assurance and internal innovative business development.