Our People

Patrick O’Callaghan

Patrick O’Callaghan is Evexia’s Research and Data Analyst. His role within Evexia is to coordinate the research training, analysis and evaluation of Evexia’s products and services, ensuring a consistent high evidence-based standard. Patrick ensures an alignment of research, training and evaluation with the philosophy, policy, procedures and practices of Evexia. He is also responsible for providing research, analysis and evaluation services supporting project management across Evexia’s projects.

Patrick has over a decade’s experience in both Australia and the United Kingdom in project coordination, qualitative and quantitative research, client-based assistance, e-learning and support systems, student engagement and test administration. He is efficient and experienced in the design and coordination of the delivery of a range of training projects and has worked within a wide variety of organisations across the private, public and educational sectors.

Patrick currently provides Evexia with providing comprehensive research support, data collection, project assistance, quality assurance and internal business development, with a recent focus on the development of empirically sound training and learning materials.